I believe whoever tells the best story wins. I believe if you ask better questions you can invent the future.

I create & direct the words, imagery & video to help people & brands connect to and grow their audiences. I like to use “narratives” to identify what behavior and emotions surround something in order to create effective work.

My background is in arts & film. BFA’r. I’ve won awards as a photographer & filmmaker and feel funny about saying it, but screw it. I’m huge fan of mobile-social-video content these days. I'm a generation X'er who grew up along side the computer and watched the internet and smart phone come to life. I’ve had the opportunity to work in New Orleans & Los Angeles with some cool brands & agencies, and learned a lot from the business leaders I served and the people I collaborated with. You can find me on instagram @matthewdesotell and out there in the world working somewhere between the ideation and execution phase ;)

Some brands I’ve worked with: Hudson Jeans, Bella Dahl Clothing, Dogeared Jewelry, Beatriz Ball Collection, Hemline Boutiques, iOffice, Huber Thomas & Marcelle, Alex Beard Studio, Spinning, Beach Body.