Matthew Desotell
Matthew Desotell
Creative Director


Build the narrative. And they will come.


creative + production

VIDEO - my favorite medium and the one where I do the most work. The combination of sound and imagery, and working with a group of individuals to get it right and creating the feeling is a great process. So many ways to use it these days too.  “Micro-content” is what I’m most focused on and interested in currently.   


Highlights of projects written, directed and produced by Matthew Desotell.

Marketing agency promo video.

Commemorative brand piece with custom soundtrack.


Brand narrative "micro-film" for Hudson Jeans.


 my Primary INTERESTS:

Attention & Story

How to get attention and story tell are highly valuable. They require the ability to create good ideas & the skill set to execute on them.

related: Branding, Re-Branding, Brand DNA/Story, Campaigns, Messaging, Problem Solving, Ideation, Iteration, Discovery


Marketing. Content. Advertising.

the categories & services where you find the execution of good or bad ideas in weak or strong work.

related: Video series, Photography, Marketing Collateral, Social Media, Ads, Digital vs. Traditional, & “Traditional Digital,” Content Marketing




For me the process starts with finding what is emotional about a “thing.” And that always starts with writing about it. From there, copy ideas, words, images and designs flow.