I believe whoever tells the best story wins & whoever asks the best questions can invent the future.

I create & direct the words, imagery, video and strategies to help people & brands connect to and grow their audiences. I believe whoever tells the best story wins and whoever can ask the best questions can build the future. My background is in arts & film. I like to use “narratives” to identify what behavior and emotions surround something in order to create the most effective work. I’ve won awards as a photographer & filmmaker and feel funny about saying it, but screw it. I’m huge fan of mobile-social-video content these days.

I'm a generation X'er who grew up along side the computer and watched the internet and smart phone come into our lives and shape our behavior. I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with brands & agencies in New Orleans & Los Angeles, and learned a lot from the executives and directors I served, and also those I hired and collaborated with on projects. I'm currently serving as creative director with a marketing & advertising agency focusing on the latest in digital and content marketing practices in an ever changing landscape of platforms, attention and behavior. You can find me on instagram @matthewdesotell producing micro-content, and out in the world working somewhere between the ideation > execution> delivery phase.

Some brands I’ve worked with: Hudson Jeans, Bella Dahl Clothing, Dogeared Jewelry, Beatriz Ball Collection, Hemline Boutiques, iOffice, Huber Thomas & Marcelle, Alex Beard Studio, Spinning, Beach Body.